The HI Soaring Eagle Ranch is located three miles south of Valley City, North Dakota. It provides a home for people who have a brain injury and need support to live in the community.

The Ranch employs community services to assist the resident in re-developing skills that were lost due to the accident. Using a person-centered plan, the individual is assisted in focusing on interests they choose to pursue. The focus may be rehabilitation of old skills or the development of new skills and interests. A person-centered plan assists in the setting of goals and objective that helps provide a picture of the person’s wants and needs. It creates a completed picture of the person to provide better support in reaching one’s goals.

Some supports are provided to increasing adult daily living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. Provocation skill development is provided through work crews and a half-day training opportunity offered four days a week. Community integration is encouraged through the Eagles Nest Bookstore, an integrated work setting that develops vocational skills. Leisure and recreational activities include options for bowling leagues, fishing, day trips to parts of North Dakota, gardening, and attending the many and varied community activities. Transportation for medical appointments, group activities, shopping, recreational and leisure activities, and attending church is available. The Ranch offers support and development of compensatory strategies for the physical, social, and cognitive deficits of each resident to help them become as independent as possible.

To accomplish all this, we rely on donations and generosity from the community. Please donate to our cause today and help inividuals gain their independence back.

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