The five flavors of Colorado Jack Popcorn are made at Open Door Center in Valley City, ND. The popcorn is made in single batches to ensure a quality product.

If you are interested in wholesale pricing or fundraising through the Colorado Jack Giveback program, please contact us at 701-845-1124.


caramel popcorn


Real butter and vanilla bean give our caramel sauce a smooth texture and decadent flavor.

Net Wt 10 oz (284g)

white cheddar popcorn

White Cheddar

Cheese lovers will go crazy for our Wisconsin white cheddar, romano and bleu cheese blend.

Net Wt 6.5 oz (184g)

white cheddar & jalapeno popcorn

White Cheddar & Jalapeño

A blend of three cheeses, the tang of buttermilk and the slight heat of jalapeño make this a zesty snack.

Net Wt 6.5 oz (184g)

sea salt & butter popcorn

Sea Salt & Butter

A dash of salt and rich buttery flavor makes this a classic.

Net Wt 5.5 oz (156g)

colorado mix popcorn

Colorado Mix

You’ll love this sweet and salty blend of Caramel and White Cheddar Jalapeño.

Net Wt 6.5 oz (184g)